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About de Havilland Memories GDPR Privacy Policy

1. What data is collected?

I collect certian pieces of information from you so as to be able to fulfil your order. I receive this information either via our one-to-one consultations, via email or via my website. I use your name, email address and other contact details to be able to contact you about your order, and I collect your address in some cases so as to be able to post your invoice and/or product directly to you.

All other information that I collect pertains directly to your order, such as wedding date, time and location, along with the name and addresses of guests for a wedding stationery enquiry, and other details that are directly linked to a calligraphy commission or product purchased from my shop.

I also collect cookies when you visit my website. These small pieces of data are sent to a user’s computer and are stored on the user’s web browser. They help the website to remember information, and in turn, helps me to personalise your browsing experience.

2. How the data is collected?

There are multiple ways that I collect your data. This can be from a contact or enquiry form on my website, a direct email to, through my shop when purchasing a product or during a consultation. From there, I might send you a form or ask for more details, but I will only ask for information relevant to the service or product you have purchased.

When using my store to purchase a product, payments go through either PayPal or Stripe. I will receive an order confirmation email and a notification from PayPal/Stripe also confirming your order with the information you provided when paying (usually email address, full name and address, and perhaps telephone number). 

If you have contacted my via social media, I will redirect you to my email address, where I will officially collect the information needed. I do this so as to keep all the details of your enquiry organised and in a professional manner. I will not ask for any further personal information via social media, outside of what you initially provided.

3. Who do I share your data with and why?

I share your customer information with a third party called Dubsado, a client relationship management system. I use this program to manage my order process so as to provide a better, more seamless experience for you. 

You can be sure that I will never disclose any information to a third party where it's not absolutely required for my ordering or business process.

4. How do I store your data?

The data I collect is stored on my work computer, where I work from home, and backed up to a server, but will never be made public. I will never post full addresses or details on my social media pages or at art/wedding shows without consent, and all prints will be kept in my office, privately.

Any data provided will be deleted three months after the wedding date, or three months after the reciept of the product ordered. If you decided not to go through with an order after providing any personal information, the information will be deleted as soon as I am notified of the order termination. This is to ensure that my customers have peace of mind, knowing that none of their private information is ever held without them knowing.

5. Any other information?

I would never store or use the information of my clients in a way that I would not like my own private information to be used by other companies. I understand the importance of security in this regard and would never betray the trust of my customers.

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