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Wedding Invitation Creation Breakdown

When it comes to creating your dream wedding invitation suite, there are many things to take into account. When working with my couples, one of the first things I'll ask is about the theme of the wedding - if it's formal, cosy, boho, etc, which will then lead onto my next question - if they've selected any "wedding colours" yet.

A RSVP card for a formal wedding
An Example of a Formal RSVP Card

The theme of a wedding really sets the theme of the invitations. For a formal wedding, the couple might want plain, traditional looking invitations, maybe with a modern twist. Whereas a more relaxed, cosy wedding might want some loose, watercolour florals on the wedding stationery, matching the flowers on the day.

If you've chosen your wedding colours - this could be based on the colours of the flowers in the bouquet - then it's quite a nice touch to use these in the invitations. As invitations set the scene for the wedding, being the first thing any guest sees, having the stationery and flowers being cohesive can create a really beautiful effect. Once the theme and colours have been set, it's time to move onto the text. There are a few things to take into account when choosing text, one of which is what wording you'd like to have on your invitation. The wording will also convey its own message, so it's a good idea to keep this on theme with the wedding.

A fun, spring wedding invitation
A Fun, Spring Wedding Invitation

The invitation itself usually only contains the most important information, such as names of the couple, date and time and location of the wedding and reception, whilst the fonts used convey the feel of the wedding. Using a modern script, paired with a sans serif font, can usually hint at a fun, casual wedding whilst a traditional script, paired with a serif font, conveys a formal wedding and reception. There are so many ways to mix up the fonts that the possibilities are endless! Taking all of this into account, the text colours still need to be chosen. Usually, I choose a colour from the graphics on the invitation to create a harmonious feel throughout the invitation suite. At the end of the day, your wedding and the invitations you choose are very personal to you. You're conveying a part of your special day, and although there is always a lot to think about, the final say is yours to make. With a bit of help and guidance from a wedding stationer, you have the chance to make something that's truly unforgettable.

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