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The Importance of a Paper RSVP Card

There's nothing worse than planning an event and not knowing how many people will be coming - so much depends on the number of guests! Therefore, it goes without saying that some sort of RSVP is needed, but why go for a paper RSVP card when everything can be done online?

Beautiful, floral reply cards for a winter wedding.
RSVPs Created for a Winter Wedding

There's something particularly lovely about having something in your hand. With all things going digital, it's a feeling we're getting less and less used to, which makes it all the nicer. Sending the physical RSVP card and matching envelope only adds to an already beautiful wedding suite and perfectly rounds it off. It gives more substance to the envelope and can be used to bring more colour to the suite by mixing up the colour of the RSVP envelope.

A physical reply card is also more personal than asking the guests to reply online. It can help the guests feel included, almost as if they're helping contribute to the planning by filling out the card and sending it back, adding an interactive element to the invitations.

Colourful RSVP cards for a spring wedding.
RSVP Cards Created for a Spring Wedding

A reply card can also be used to collect the menu choice of the guests. Usually, a list of options with a tick box next to them that the guests can cross, which can be unbelievably helpful in the planning process! Sometimes little icons are added to the card to indicate meal options, for example, a drawing of a hen for a chicken dish.

RSVP stands for "Répondez s'il vous plaît", and whilst I'm not exactly sure why we tend to use French, I assume it has something to do with the elegance of the phrase. However it seems that a lot of couples are now opting for something like "Kindly Reply", which gives a simplicity to the card and is a little bit special and different. No matter how you phrase it, and regardless of if you send a physical RSVP or not, replying to the couple is a must to let them know who to expect at their wedding!

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